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Petition to stop the destruction of a Pagan sanctuary in The Netherlands

On Midsummer, 21 June, it was announced that that a major archaeological excavation was being done in the city of Tiel. This is a monumental find. At this excavation, a lot of burial mounds (with a total of 60 dead buried in them), sacrificial pits and a solar calendar were found.

The site dates back to 2,500 BC and they have found over a million items, which show the site was in use for at least 800 years starting from the Early Bronze Age, but probably for much longer afterwards. This sanctuary would therefore be the largest and oldest ever found in the Low Countries and it's been called the Dutch Stonehenge.

However, it was also announced that the location will be buried again when the excavations are over and that industrial warehouses are going to be put on the site's location. The city gave permission for this because "it will be hard to make this site a popular tourist destination". In other words, they don't consider it profitable.

This is an outrageous decision, and the Dutch groups and channels Swesaz, Zonnevlam, and Redbad's Hall are organising action to protect this sacred site. Some construction has started, which means that the petition is urgent!

Please sign the petition so pressure can be put on the municipality to stop this injustice! The website is in Dutch but it's very easy to sign, enter your name/initials and email address, then don't forget to confirm your signature through the email they send you!

Please share this far and wide!

PETITION LINK: https://petities.nl/petitions/red-het-heiligdom-van-tiel?locale=nl
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