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We are members of Via Electri (Latin for 'Amber Road'), an organisation for Traditional European Pagans. We have come together during this time when our native European traditions are facing many challenges. We are united in our common struggle and our common values. We have a shared understanding that there is an injustice in this world that we strive to defeat to restore balance and order in this world.

We at Via Electri share the following basic values:
Respect towards the cosmic balance
Acknowledgement of each nation having its own gods
Basis of religion being in tradition
Family as the basis of society
Virtuous behaviour
Our articles
    A blog on mythology, spirituality, folklore and polytheistic religions and also population genetics, the culture, identity and religion of the Indo-Europeans.
    Acta deos numquam mortalia fallunt.
    Theology for the modern European religion in the tradition of the ancient Hellenes.
    Website of Evgeny Nechkasov (aka Askr Svarte; b. 1991), a Russian Traditionalist philosopher, lecturer and activist. Editor and publisher of the Pagan Traditionalist almanac "Warha". Chief Editor of the "Foundation for Traditional Religions" website — a Russian independent pagan media resource.
    Родноверие - это дохристианская вера славян, язычество, бытовавшее у нас до прихода христианства на Русь. В современном контексте люди понимают это, будто мы возрождаем дремучее прошлое, но разумеется это не так.
    Explorations in our Past - Informing our Present
    Arya Akasha is engaged at the cutting edge of research into the mythic heritage of the Indo-European Peoples. We bring to bear our expertise in a range of fields in order to help illuminate the radiantly glorious faiths of our ancestors. Our work includes in-depth looks at the Gods, rites, society and culture, languages and history of the Indo-Europeans. We don't just seek to analyze these individually on a culture by culture basis – but to also take a comparative approach, which shows how they all intersect, interconnect, and intertwine as part of a coherent view of the universe and our place within it.
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